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Kidney Disease: Eight Factors Can Raise Your Creatinine Level in Blood

2014-07-27 16:28

Many patients with kidney disease may be told that their creatinine level is higher than normal, and which is dangerous for the patients. Because serum creatinine level is an important index that measuring renal function in clinic, rising creatinine level in blood means that your renal function is lowering. Then, for the patients with kidney disease, the kidney experts concluded eight factors that can raise your creatinine level in blood.

First, damaged kidney

Creatinine is metabolized in kidneys that can maintain it in a normal level. Creatinine level will not rise until more than half of renal function are lost. For the patients suffering from Stage 3 Kidney Failure even more serious, they can experience high creatinine level.

Second, dehydration

Loss of fluids can lead to hemoconcentration, and reduction in renal blood flow can cause rising creatinine level, such as fever, hidrosis, drink less water, diuresis.

Third, infection

For the patients with kidney disease, infection also can cause creatinine level rising, such as cold, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, intestinal infection and so on.

Fourth, medicines

Some medicines that have renal toxicity also can cause high creatinine level.

Fifth, exercise

Intense exercise and exercise more also can cause rising creatinine level, because creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle, while exercise can accelerate the consumption of muscle.

Sixth, diabetes and high blood pressure

Diabetes and high blood pressure have a close relationship with kidney disease, and they also can cause elevated creatinine.

Seventh, abnormal urine

Proteinuria and hematuresis also can contribute to high creatinine level.

Eighth, fatigue and bad breaks

They also can cause high creatinine level within limits.

Now, we have known the eight factors that can raise your creatinine level in blood, in order to prevent further kidney damage, you had better pa attention to these factors and avoid them. Any other questions, you can chat with our online doctors for free answer. If you are troubled by high creatinine level or kidney disease, you are recommended to send your information to for effective treatments except dialysis. Best wishes!

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