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Is Cucumber Juice Good to Lower High Creatinine Level

2014-08-02 16:19

Cucumber is one of common green fruits and contains about 96% water, so it is a perfect choice for juicing. Because cucumber is rich in nutrients and has many functions, some people ask that whether cucumber juice is good to lower high creatinine level. Next, we will give you the questions, if you have any unclear things, you can consult our online doctors or leave then below.

In fact, cucumber juice is good to lower high creatinine level, and the reasons are following.

1. Cucumber is a natural diuretic food, drinking cucumber juice can help the patients with kidney disease produce urine and promote the excretion of creatinine. In view of this, cucumber juice is good to lower high creatinine level.

2. Cucumber also has the function of protecting kidneys, because it is rich in linoleic acid that can nourishing kidneys.

3. Cucumber juice is a good drink for the patients with diabetes and kidney failure, it can help to lower high blood sugar.

4. Cucumber juice also has the function of loosing weight. Thus it is a good choice for the obese patients with kidney disease.

In conclusion, drinking cucumber juice is good to lower high creatinine level, but it can not lower high creatinine level from root because it has no the function of repairing the damaged kidneys and improving renal function. Thus, some effective treatments are necessary for you to lower high creatinine level from root.

Compared to western medicines, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has better effect in treating kidney disease. Because western medicines just can remit symptoms, while TCM can repair the damaged kidneys and improve renal function. Here, we strongly recommend you to read Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for High Creatinine Levels. Any questions, you can send them to, and we will reply you at early time.

In short, a healthy diet can help you slow down the progression of Chronic Kidney Failure, while it cannot stop it. Thus, you have to choose a proper treatment to treat it from root and eliminate all symptoms to improve the life quality.

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