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Natural Creatinine 5.1 Treatment in China

2014-10-20 09:39

What can creatinine 5.1 tell? Is there an effective natural creatinine 5.1 treatment? Follow us to see how creatinine 5.1 and other high creatinine levels are lowered in China.

Firstly, creatinine 5.1 tells the condition has already developed stage 4 chronic kidney disease, the second advanced stage of kidney disease which means the severe reduction in kidney function. In many countries, when creatinine level increases to about 5.1, dialysis will be needed. However, there is no a direct relation between creatinine level and whether dialysis should be started. You are welcomed to email us to to tell us more about your condition, our experts will tell you whether you should prepare for the dialysis treatment.

We admit that dialysis can really help lower creatinine 5.1 obviously, but it can not deal with the problem from the root. That is to say, dialysis is unable to cope with the cause of high creatinine level and that is the kidney damage and impaired kidney function. With dialysis treatment, the decreased urine volume tells the continue loss of kidney function.

Chinese medicine therapy nowadays is regarded as natural high creatinine level treatment in China. It lowers creatinine level through repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function and making kidneys work again.

The types of Chinese medicine therapies can include Oral Herbal Medicine Therapy, High Retention Herbal Enema Therapy, Herbal Feet Bath Therapy, Herbal Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy, Herbal Reinforcing and Nourishing Therapy, Herbal Circling Therapy, Herbal Hot Compress Therapy, Herbal Medicated Bath Therapy, etc. All of them have functions of expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation and removing blood stasis. What is more, some of them can gradually repair kidney damage and recover renal function by offering nutrient for kidneys and promoting DNA replication of damaged kidney inherent cells.

We do believe that creatinine 5.1 and other high creatinine level will be lowered naturally with the recovery of kidney function, what do you think? Any questions? Feel free to choose the way you like to contact us, we will surely reply you.

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