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Why Creatinine Levels Not to Drop on Dialysis

2014-11-09 11:48

Creatinine Levels Not to Drop on DialysisIn many countries, dialysis treatment is regarded as the only and most efficient way to reduce high creatinine levels. However, is that true? The fact is that some high creatinine level cases can not be reduced by dialysis obviously. Now it is time for you to learn more about reducing creatinine level and dialysis treatment.

When do kidney disease patients require dialysis treatment?

Usually, when the creatinine clearance falls to 10-12cc/minute, the patient needs dialysis. However, if the patient is experiencing a major inability to rid the body of excess water, or is complaining of problems with the heart, lungs, or stomach, or difficulties with taste or sensation in their legs, dialysis may be needed even though the creatinine clearance has not fallen to the 10-12cc/minute level.

Why creatinine levels not to drop on dialysis?

Many factors can cause inadequate dialysis, while inadequate dialysis is the most common reason why creatinine levels not to drop on dialysis.

If creatinine levels not to drop on dialysis, what should patients do?

Talk it with your dialysis team to see whether some adjustments to help deal with this problem. Also kidney disease patients should know that dialysis is unable to eliminate middle and big molecular toxins, which becomes the reason why kidney disease can not be treated well and severe complications can not be avoided.

If wanting to live a better life, kidney disease patients should know: firstly, they should know what other types of toxins in their blood in addition to creatinine, BUN, uric acid, etc, secondly, proper blood purification technique including plasma exchange, immune adsorption, blood perfusion, etc should be used to eliminate corresponding toxins; thirdly, Chinese medicine therapies including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, medicated bath, oral Chinese herbal medicine, foot bath, etc will be used to improve hypoxic-ischemic state and gradually recover renal function. In that case, dialysis can be effectively avoided, or dialysis times will be reduced if you have been on dialysis, or even stop it if the kidney function can be increased to an ideal level.

If your creatinine level not to drop on dialysis and you are also interested in Chinese medicine therapies, then you should learn more about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Renal Failure. Welcomed to contact us if having any questions.

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