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Will Diuretics Increase Creatinine Level

2014-11-19 09:23

Will Diuretics Increase Creatinine LevelIf creatinine is high, it means the kidneys are not functioning properly. People care about the high creatinine level treatment a lot, they are worried whether the medications they are taking will increase creatinine level. However, will diuretics increase creatinine level?

Will diuretics increase creatinine level?

Diuretics such as furosemide (Lasix) can cause creatinine levels to increase. Long-term use of diuretics can cause the kidney's to work overtime trying to compensate and the result is an increase in sodium resorption which can further lead to elevated creatinine levels.

Why diuretics increases creatinine level?

With diuretic-use, plasma volume and serum sodium levels both decrease, so the general compensatory measure would be constriction of the efferent arteriole in order to preserve GFR. However, GFR is not actually increasing. The filtered fraction is merely increasing, which is because renal plasma flow (RPF) is decreasing. So if less plasma passes the glomerulus per unit time, serum creatinine must increase.

What should you do with high creatinine level?

Though can some western medications increase creatinine levels and cause various side effects, it can not be ignored in the whole kidney disease treatment. But patients should know that the best high creatinine level treatment is to make kidneys work again, in that case, kidneys will remove wastes and other harmful substances from the blood, thus reducing creatinine level naturally.

What is more, with the recovery of kidney function, dialysis and kidney transplant will be effectively avoided. Nowadays, more and more foreign patients come to China for new Chinese medicine therapies, and you are suggested to learn more. Natural high creatinine level treatment in China is for your reference. If you have any questions about high creatinine level, feel free to choose the way you like to let us know, we will always be here helping you.

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