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How to Bring down Elevated Creatinine Level to Normal in Kidney Failure

2014-11-29 16:37

How to Bring down Elevated Creatinine to Normal in Kidney FailureCreatinine is a metabolic product, which should be filtered out of body via glomerular filtration function, So, the elevated creatinine is caused by the damaged glomerular filtration function. On the matter of reducing creatinine, you should concentrate on repairing the damaged glomerular filtration function.

In order to reduce the elevated creatinine level, there are two factors can be taken into consideration, including limit the intake of protein intake and repair the damaged glomerular filtration function.

In a certain degree, the health diet contributes a lot to slow down the progression of the kidney disease. Therefore, patients should limit the intake of meat and the intake of protein, fat as well as salt.

In western medical filed, in order to reduced elevated creatinine level, some patients choose dialysis as their first choice, but, dialysis can not solve the kidney disease fundamentally. Once stopping processing dialysis, the high creatinine level will back again. What is worse, dialysis can not achieve the function of repairing the damaged glomerular filtration function. On the contrary, it will worse the kidney disease.

The key point of the treatment for lowing high creatinine level is to apply proper treatment.

“Four plus seven”treatment is the combination of external application and oral Chinese medicine. “Four”refers to a bottle of Maikang Composition, an oral Chinese medicine, a dose of external application with Chinese medicine, a basin of foot bath with Chinese medicine. “Seven”means Steaming Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Circle Therapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy, Fragrance Therapy. Any details you want to know, send email to

This natural treatment works to eliminate the immune complexes which are deposited in the kidneys, repair the damaged kidney cells, restore the glomerular filtration function. With this natural treatment regularly, the elevated creatinine level will back to normal gradually.

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