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How to Control High Creatinine Levels in Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-03-26 16:24

Whether a Chronic Kidney Failure patient need to start dialysis or not depends on his creatinine level very much, so having a tight control about high creatinine level will be helpful for kidney disease patients to stay far away from dialysis. However, how to control high creatinine level in Chronic Kidney Failure?

Generally, to receive obvious treatment effects in controlling high creatinine level, Chronic Kidney Failure patients need to follow these principles:

1. Avoid creatine supplementations

Creatine supplementations may be not a choice for you if you are a Chronic Kidney Failure pateints, because creatine supplementation increases creatinine level.

2. Avoid foods that may deteriorate your illness condition

For an individual with Chronic Kidney Failure, he usually needs to :

* limit foods high in protein as high intake of protein will increase kidney burden and worsen kidney condition. But you can eat some high quality protein like fish, egg white, lean meat and milk.

* avoid foods high in salt: salt is high in sodium and excess sodium in blood will cause swelling and high blood pressure symptoms.

* avoid eating too much meats: creatinine is produced when meat is metabolized in our body. Therefore, as a Chronic Kidney Failure sufferer, you need to eat less meat.

3. Do not do much drastic physical exercises.

With drastic physical exercises, much more creatinine will be produced in your body, which is not beneficial for you to control high creatinine level. For a Chronic Kidney Failure patient, he can do some mild physical exercises which will help to improve immunity and strengthen immune system.

4. Improve kidney condition

Kidneys are take charge of discharging excess creatinine and decreased kidney condition is the root cause of high creatinine level. Therefore, improving kidney condition is the real solution for high creatinine level in Chronic Kidney Failure.

5. Forming good living habits

If you have developed bad living habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and staying up, kick them as quickly as possible. These bad living habits have no direct relationship with high creatinine level, but they affect your physical condition and illness condition directly, which may produce influence on creatinine level. Therefore, try to develop good living habits no matter you are a Chronic Kidney Failure patient or not.

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