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What Are the Symptoms of High Creatinine Level

2013-03-27 10:34

Symptoms of High Creatinine LevelGenerally, serum creatinine, a waste product from energy metabolism of muscle, doesn’t deposit too much in the body unless more than 50% of kidney function loses. Knowing the symptoms of high creatinine level can help patients recognize their disorder timely.

Symptoms of high creatinine level

● Fluid metabolism imbalance

When large part of kidney function loses, more water will build up in the body that can break patients’ fluid balance. Therefore, urination frequent at night, thirsty, fatigue, high blood pressure, swelling, pulmonary edema, heart failure, etc, is more likely to occur as a consequence of fluid imbalance.

● Metabolic acidosis

The unhealthy kidney can cause metabolic acidosis that can lead to deep breath, poor appetite, stomach, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. If you are suffering from metabolic acidosis, the above symptoms can warn you of this healthy problem.

● Blood system disease

If the kidney can’t make enough EPO, anemia will occur without any expectation. If noncontrolled effectively or left untreated, fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms will appear along with anemia.

● Bone disease

Bone pain, skeleton deformity, short stature, the proximal muscle weakness and some other bone diseases all can contribute to the symptoms of high creatinine level.

● Skin itching

Too many wastes and toxins building up in the body can cause skin itching easily. With skin itching, the patients are not recommended to scratch it.

● Endocrine dysfunction and sexual dysfunction

Besides, there are many other symptoms of high creatinine level. If the patient who has kidney disease have one or more symptoms the above mentions, he had better tell his doctor or us to find a good treatment to lower his creatinine level and slow down the progression of their kidney disease developing renal failure, otherwise his condition may worsen easily because of delayed treatment.

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