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Can Creatinine 4.6 Become Normal without Dialysis

2016-04-05 14:56

Can Creatinine 4.6 Become Normal without DialysisNormally, creatinine level is a kind of indicator that are responsible for checking how well your kidneys are working. When creatinine level is higher than normal range, it means that there is something wrong with normal kidney function. Therefore, patients are wondering that can creatinine 4.6 become normal without dialysis ? If you also have doubt about this, please contact our online doctor or add WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+8618203203537.

First of all, you have to make it clear that why you experience high creatinine level. Knowing the causes of high creatinine level plays essential role in helping patients understand that can creatinine 4.6 become normal without dialysis.

Our body digest the foods we eat everyday, which create wastes products and useful substances. In the kidneys, there are millions of tiny blood vessels and holes in the kidneys and they can act as filters to filter your blood. When blood flow through your kidneys, small substances, such as creatinine and extra water can be eliminated out of blood effectively and then big substances substances as protein and red blood cells are too big to pass through the kidneys and they would be reabsorbed into body. When longer term of high blood pressure and diabetes, immune kidney order and genetic kidney disorder occurs, the kidney is less able to achieve its function properly. As a result, protein and red blood cells will leak into urine and lots of wastes products will deposit in the body. As time goes by, the damage on kidney function gets worse. Then, you will experience higher and higher creatinine level.

Can creatinine 4.3 become normal without dialysis ?

Dialysis is the most commonly used approach for reducing high creatinine level. However, you are bound to experience various adverse effects during the process of dialysis. And these adverse effects decreases your life quality severely. But, it does not mean that we can do nothing about it, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital takes highly effects to improving kidney function by extending blood vessels and promoting blood circulation. As long as your kidney function is improved, you would have less dialysis or even stop dialysis.

If you still have doubt about can creatinine 4.6 become normal without dialysis, please leave a message below or send email to We will try our best to help you.

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