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What To Eat with High Creatinine Level

2013-04-08 15:11

what to eat with high creatinine levelWhat we eat can affect our creatinine level. For people with Chronic Kidney Failure, high creatinine level indicates high level of toxins in blood. Also, the higher the creatinine level, the sooner they start dialysis. Therefore, knowing what to do with high creatinine level is very helpful for Chronic Kidney Failure patients.

1. Fish and egg white

Fish and egg white are the major source of high quality protein which can meet our physical demand and meanwhile produce less wastes that need to be discharged by kidneys. Therefore, eating some fish and egg white is beneficial for kidney failure patients who have high creatinine level, but please remember the intake.

2. Foods low in potassium or without potassium

Most of the kidney failure patients will experience high potassium level which can cause heart problems like arrhythmia. In this light, eating foods low in potassium or without potassium is very good. The common source of such a food includes pancake, syrups, cornstarch, radishes, kelp, chives, eggplant, pumpkin, onion, tomato, cucumber and so on.

3. Foods low in salt or without salt

Almost all the kidney failure patients are suggested to eat less salt, and this is because salt is high in sodium. Kidneys help to remove excess sodium out of our body and when kidney function is impaired, sodium build up in the blood. For kidney failure patients, high salt foods will increase sodium intake, which may elevates blood pressure and cause fluid retention. Therefore, eating low-salt foods is very beneficial for people with high creatinine level.

4. Low-phosphorus foods

People with high creatinine level associate with high phosphorus level easily. If high levels of phosphorus are fund in the body, low-phosphorus diet will be needed. Foods low in phosphorus include potatoes, cabbage, beets, lettuce, onions and tomatoes and so on.

The above is the general dietary principle for people with high creatinine level and it may not be suitable for all the patients, as their illness condition may be different from case to case. If you want to know the exact food lists that are suitable for you, you can describe your illness condition briefly and leave your contact information to us. We will reply you and give you suggestions within 24 hours.

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