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At What Creatinine Level Is Dialysis Started

2013-04-12 08:27

Dialysis is the most commonly used medical method for kidney failure patients to remove harmful substances in blood. However, not everyone with kidney failure needs dialysis. In clinic, creatinine level is an dominant clinical index that can help to decide whether dialysis is required. Well then, at what creatinine level is dialysis started for kidney failure patients?

In theory, dialysis should be considered by kidney failure patients when creatinine level increases to about 5. Creatinine is one of the wastes produced by our body, and is kept in normal range 0.5-1.3mg/dL. When lots of creatinine are produced at one time, kidneys will work hardly to excrete them. However, for kidney failure patients, damaged kidneys can not bear heavy burden and fail to discharge excess creatinine, as a result of which, creatinine level increases.

When kidneys fail to discharge creatinine, they can not discharge other toxins as well. This is the reason why high creatinine level means there are lots of toxins in patient’s blood. Creatinine level helps to decide whether dialysis should be started by kidney failure patients, but not everyone with creatinine level higher than 5 needs to start dialysis immediately. Creatinine is just one of the toxins in the blood, and we can not make decision only according to creatinine level. In reality, for kidney failure patients, even though their creatinine level has increased to 5, as long as they have no serious complications like nausea, vomit, itching skin and hear failure, they can live without dialysis.

Dialysis is a life-sustaining medical method for kidney failure patients whose kidneys have been failed completely. It helps to remove toxins in blood and thus protect other organs. However, although it is helpful, it is not perfect, as it can not repair injured kidney cells. Kidney disease progresses as more and more kidney intrinsic cells lose their working ability. For a kidney failure patient, there is dead, injured and healthy kidney cells. For these dead kidney intrinsic cells, they can not be repaired, so we can not cure kidney failure. However, for these injured kidney intrinsic cells, they can be repaired by increasing their self-repairing ability. As long as much more kidney cells begin to function well, kidney function gets improved and also patients get far away from dialysis.

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