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How to Lower High BUN Level in Renal Failure Effectively

2013-04-17 11:53

How to Lower High BUN Level in Renal Failure EffectivelyBlood urea nitrogen is an important indicator that reflects how the kidneys work, so does serum creatinine level. Generally, BUN 21.4mmol/L or 60mg/dL can be one diagnostic criteria of renal failure. This is why so many patients want to know how to lower high BUN level in renal failure effectively, when their blood test shows their BUN level is higher than the normal.

Blood urea nitrogen is one product of protein. Normally, the healthy kidney can filter it normally, but for people with damaged kidney, a lot of blood urea nitrogen builds up in the body. Therefore, if we want to lower high BUN leve, a healthy diet and a treatment that can help repair damaged kidney tissues both are needed.

Arrange a healthy diet to lower high BUN level in renal failure

The general requirement of this diet is to consume correct amount of high-quality protein such as milk, lean meat, egg white, etc, avoid the foods which contain purine such as animal giblets, seafood, fat meat, etc, and eat more vegetables and fruits.

According to the research, some fruits and vegetables are able to help remove more blood urea nitrogen from the body. For example, cranberry and kiwi fruit which contains rich vitamin C is able to help improve the kidney function and accelerate the rate of kidney filtering BUN, and celery and white gourd has an effect of making patients produce more urine to remove more wastes including blood urea nitrogen. However, not all people with kidney failure can consume the above foods. You had better consult your doctor or us before eating them.

Accept correct treatment which can help lower high BUN level in renal failure effectively

Here, we mainly recommend three choices: blood purifications, Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Different treatments are suitable for different patients. If your blood test shows your BUN or creatinine level is higher than the normal, you should choose a best treatment according to your specific condition. Firstly, you can have an overall understand of these treatments with the help of doctor. Correct treatment, combining with healthy diet, indeed can help lower high blood urea nitrogen.

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