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High Creatinine Level: What To Eat

2013-04-17 16:24

If one has high creatinine, what to eat? High creatinine level is a dominant clinical index that can reflect kidney problem. Improper diet cause extra kidney burden and increase creatinine level, so finding a proper diet becomes a concern for people who are experiencing high creatinine level. Well then, if an individual has high creatinine level, what he can eat on earth?

1. Foods light in taste

Slat is the necessary seasoning in our daily diet and we even can not eat with salt. However, for people with high creatinine level, failed kidneys lose their working ability to discharge excess electrolyte. Salt is high in sodium, excess which will cause high blood pressure and fluid retention. In this light, it is beneficial for kidney disease patients to eat some foods light in taste.

2. Fruits and vegetables without or low in sodium

Low sodium vegetables and fruits include artichoke, bell pepper, broccoli, carrots, radish, sweet potato, apples, apricots, pineapple, kiwifruit, mangoes and peaches and so on. For people with high creatinine level, it is necessary for them to select fruits and vegetables without or low in sodium, but please remember limit the intake of them, as they may be harmful for patients in another way.

3. Foods with high quality protein

As known to all, protein is the irreplaceable nutrition for our physical development and mental development. However, for people with high creatinine level, damaged can not preserve protein in body. Under such a condition, if they ingest too much protein, kidney burden will be increased, which is not helpful for them to recover. In this light, they can ingest adequate high quality protein which can supply their body necessary nutrition and meanwhile causes less burden. In our daily life, foods like fish, lean meat, egg white, and milk are the major sources of high quality protein.

4. Foods high in calcium

Paying attention to calcium intake is very necessary, as kidney failure patients run high risk for hypocalcemia which may bring them bone problems like bone pain and bone fracture. Therefore, eating much more foods high in calcium like blackberries, date fruit, quinoa, broccoli and gis is helpful. In addition, some of these foods are high in potassium and for kidney disease patients, they need to consult their doctors before they eat these foods as some of them may be experiencing high potassium.

5. Replenish enough vitamin

Foods that are rich in vitamin like carrot, sweet potato, cantaloupe, lettuce, strawberry and tomato and so on are good for kidney failure patients with high creatinine level.

Lastly, high creatinine level is a dominant indication of kidney disease and for people with different level of creatinine, they need to follow different dietary principles. The above is the general introduction for people with high creatinine level and it may not be suitable for all the kidney disease patients. Therefore, if you are a kidney failure patient with high creatinine level, consulting your doctors what you can eat is very necessary.

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