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Can I Avoid Kidney Failure with Creatinine 2.3

2013-04-30 10:59

Creatinine 2.3 is an abnormal medical index and is greatly linked with kidney problem, so people with creatinine 2.3 in blood are very worried about if they will suffer from kidney failure someday and how to avoid kidney failure.

Will I suffer from Kidney Failure with creatinine 2.3

Kidney disease is the major of high creatinine level in clinic and the value of it helps to know how serious the illness condition is. Normal creatinine level in blood is about 0.5-1.3mg/dL and creatinine 2.3 is higher than the normal range. Clinical studies found creatinine level does not increase in early stage of kidney problem and usually increase when a half of kidney function is impaired. On the basis of this, creatinine 2.3 means at least a half of kidney function has been affected. Even though, it does not mean the patient will definitely suffer from kidney failure.

Dialysis is recommended by doctors usually when creatinine level increases to 5 and for people with creatinine 2.3, there are still some time for them to live without dialysis. During this period, with comprehensive treatment, they can avoid kidney failure and dialysis effectively.

How to avoid kidney failure with creatinine 2.3?

Kidney failure always occurs as the final stage or consequence of both chronic kidney disease and acute kidney problem. It refers to an illness condition in which kidneys are damaged seriously and fail to help patients maintain a normal life. For people with creatinine 2.3, if they want to avoid dialysis, they must protect their residual kidney tissues, which will help to reduce toxins in blood and thus live without dialysis.

At present, only Chinese medicines show treatment effects in protecting kidney tissues and meanwhile causing no side effects. These medicines have function to extend blood vessels, block inflammation, prevent coagulation and degrade extracellular matrixes. With these benefits, not only healthy kidney tissues can be protected, some injured kidney intrinsic cells also can be activated to work again. As long as further kidney damages are avoided and much more kidney cells perform function, kidney function gets improved. With improved kidney function, creatinine level 2.3 gets lowered and kidney failure is avoided effectively.

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