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Is It Possible to Lower Down High Creatinine without Dialysis

2013-05-06 14:37

Is it possible to lower down high creatinine without dialysis? This question absorbs many kidney disease patients’ attention, because their doctors may recommend them to begin dialysis when their creatinine level is above 5.0mg/dl, but no one would like to go through dialysis if they have alternative choice.

We know high creatinine level is an indicate of a heavy loss of kidney filtration function. When kidneys can’t do their job normally, some therapies will be needed to replace part of kidney function. Dialysis is just such a therapies that can help eliminate wastes including creatinine from the body.

We must affirm that dialysis indeed has a quick and obvious benefit of lowering elevated creatinine. This is why many people on dialysis find their creatinine comes down after dialysis. However, most of them also notice that their creatinine level goes up again between two dialysis treatments. What’s more, long-term dialysis will cause many life-threatening complications and dialysis patients’ life expectancy usually isn’t so good as we expect.

Is there alternative treatment to dialysis for these patients? Fortunately, the answer doesn’t make us disappointed. Since high creatinine level is due to kidney function loss, the alternative treatment should be the one that can help not only cleanse blood but also improve kidney function. Immunotherapy is just such a treatment.

Absorbing the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and advanced western technologies, Immunotherapy is widely used in kidney disease especially advanced kidney disease. Firstly, it uses blood purifications to purify patients’ blood to prepare a clean internal environment for the following treatment. Secondly, Chinese herbal medicines are used to increase cellular self-curative ability and transport enough nutrition to the damaged kidney cells. As a result, a large part of damaged kidney cells can recover to work again.

When your blood is clean and the kidney cells can work normally, you can live very well without dialysis and reduced creatinine level. Any problems about today's topic, you can leave a message or consult us directly. 

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