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How Can We Reduce Creatinine 9, Waiting for Dialysis

2017-12-11 15:10

How Can We Reduce Creatinine 9, Waiting for Dialysis,Toxins-Removing TreatmentQ: My father has Creatnine 9. We are doing massage therapy and taking some western medicines but it seems that they are not working. How we can reduce this level?

renal-online doctor: Has he started dialysis? His creatinine level is so higher than the normal range. What other problems does he have?

Q: No. But doctor suggested that we need to wait for a couple of days before deciding if dialysis is needed. He had a history of Diabetes and no other problems and suddenly within a month, his creatinine level rises from 4 to 9.

renal-online doctor: It means there must be a lot poisons in his blood to affect the medication efficiency. Thus, you can not see any improvement even if you are taking medicines. What other treatment do you take?

Q: With all precautions in diet also. Please help us and I am interested in your treatments on Chinese medicine.

renal-online doctor: We will do utmost to help you. From the communication, I can see that your father has no other symptoms except for high creatinine level and diabetes, which will be easy to treat his condition. And dialysis is not a must to reduce high creatinine level 9.

First, he needs to take medicine and control diet intake to manage high blood sugar.

Second, he needs to cleanse his polluted blood first to reduce the further kidney damage and increase the next treatment efficiency.

Third, he needs to take treatment that can repair the underlying kidney lesions at the same time recover certain kidney functions.

Dialysis indeed can cleanse blood to some extent but it is unable to repair kidney lesions nor recover kidney function. Considering the efficiency and safety, systematic Toxins-Removing Treatment is strongly recommended to you. It can help you achieve the above three goals at the same time. With the recovered kidney function, your father can reduce his high creatinine 9 naturally and effectively. It is no doubt that the patient can keep far away from dialysis. In this case, he can live a better life.

Do you suffer from high creatinine levels? Are you fearful of dialysis and its side-effects? If so, Toxins-Removing Treatment can be a better way for you. If you wanna get more details about it, please email medical reports and phone number to or leave a message below or click Online Doctor for free guidance. Best wishes!

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