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TCM VS Dialysis for Managing High Creatinine 5.8 in Kidney Failure

2018-01-08 17:29

TCM VS Dialysis for Managing High Creatinine 5.8 in Kidney FailureCreatinine 5.8 is very dangerous for patients with Kidney Failure, which should draw patients’ attention because it means there is too much toxin and waste in the blood. More and more patients want to use TCM to help manage creatinine. So, how to manage creatinine 5.8 with Chinese medicine?

For patients with renal failure, the extra creatinine level can not be removed from the body due to severely decreased renal function. Some patients have serious complications, such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, itchy skin, fatigue, high blood pressure and so on. These cases can be life-threatening if not treated or effectively controlled.

As a kidney replacement therapy, Dialysis is an effective method of treating kidney failure, and it can play certain functions of the kidneys to help expel excess wastes. With this treatment, both the above symptoms and patients’ life quality can be improved well. However, while undergoing treatment, kidney damage also worsens over time. Eventually, it may cause complete failure of kidney function.

Therefore, in order to radically reduce high creatinine level 5.8, patients need therapy that can help repair kidney damage, protect and improve renal function. If you have not found this treatment, Chinese medicine is a good choice.

Compared with dialysis, TCM Toxins-Removing Treatment is more systematic, more natural and safer. The focus of TCM treatment is to improve the internal environment and completely repair kidney damage. Some special herbs can repair damaged renal blood vessels. During renal blood circulation, oxygen and blood will be transported to damaged kidney blood vessels and tissues, thus repairing damaged kidneys and restoring kidney function. More importantly, depending on the patient’s condition, these therapies can help patients avoid dialysis. When renal function improves, high creatinine level 5.8 will naturally decrease.

Are you eager to decrease high creatinine levels without dialysis? Do you wonder more details about Toxins-Removing Treatment? If so, please email medical reports and phone number to or leave a message below or click Online Doctor for free guidance.

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