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Chinese Medicine to Lower Creatinine 698 and Blood Urine

2018-04-07 15:11

Chinese Medicine to Lower Creatinine 698 and Blood UrineIf you have any puzzles about the Chinese medicine to kidney disease, please read the full article to see How Chinese medicine to lower creatinine 698 and blood urine for Mr. AUE.

AUE struggled in chronic kidney disease (CKD) for years. Strictly insisted his doctor’s order, he control his creatinine level at about 300 for years. However, he got ill with a cold, and after that, his creatinine level goes up to 500 in two month. Due to the serious blood urine, swelling, sleep problem and other easiness, the doctor required him to start dialysis.

He knows that he can not get a cure from dialysis. And he does not want to live with other person’s kidney at all. For living longer without doing dialysis or transplant, he researched in the internet and consult our doctor. Finally, he decided to try Chinese medicine.

When he arrived at our hospital, he was in the wheelchair owing to the serious edema, and the test reports showed creatinine level 698 and the BUN 135. Meanwhile, occult blood was 2+ and haemoglobin level is 8. For his case, our doctor applied Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Moxibustion and so on to clean up the internal, add the necessary substances in the blood to promote the recovery, repair the diseased renal tissues and stop the leakage of red blood cells, filter the blood and lower the creatinine level, strong the renal function in order to offer more hormone and supplement of red blood cells, etc. During the whole treatment, Chinese herbs from nature will be adopted orally and externally, so, less side effects appear.

Within 15 days, all the indexes are normal aside from the high creatinine level. About one month, his creatinine level in blood were dropped to 329. Besides, he took our medicine back home for the long time treatment.

Suffering from high creatinine level accompanied with blood pressure? Interested in Chinese medicine? Confused by the treatments to kidney problem and its complications? If yes, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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