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How to Stop Creatinine Level Rising

2013-05-15 16:57

How to stop creatinine level rising? In Chronic Kidney Failure, elevated creatinine level is one of the dominant and abnormal medical test results. With the continuous rise, creatinine level finally reaches to the level at which dialysis or kidney transplant is required. For this reason, how to stop creatinine level rising becomes a worry of Chronic Kidney Failure patients.

Why does creatinine level keeps rising in Chronic Kidney Failure?

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine and commonly used to measure how well the kidney function. Serum creatinine level has the ability to reflect kidney condition, as it is normally kept in a stable range (0.5-1.3mg/dL) by kidney, so when kidney function is affected due to Chronic Kidney Failure, excess creatinine will build up in blood, leading to high creatinine level.

Most of the time, Chronic Kidney Failure patients are only prescribed with medicines to control their symptoms, and the root cause of high creatinine, meaning kidney damage, is left alone. Under such a condition, illness condition progresses and creatinine level keep rising.

How to stop creatinine level rising?

Since elevated creatinine level is closely related with progressive loss of kidney function, it is of great importance to stop kidney function from declining. As long as residual kidney function is protected or improved, excess will be able to be discharged timely and also serum creatinine level stops rising.

In clinic, so far only some Chinese herbs show effects in strengthening kidney tissues. Effective ingredients in Chinese herbs can extend blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which will be helpful for supplying kidney tissues good living environment and helping them get enough nutrition and oxygen from blood. In this way, the immunity of residual kidney tissues can be strengthened greatly. Powerful kidney function is the precondition for a tight control of creatinine level, so as long as residual kidney function is protected, creatinine level stops rising.

Lastly, although Chinese herbs are effective in stopping creatinine level rising, they show effects slowly. Therefore, while receiving this treatment, Chronic Kidney Failure patients need to be patient so that they can receive satisfactory treatment effects.

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