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4 Tips Help Kidney Failure Reduce High Creatinine Usefully

2019-04-29 15:16

Reduce High Creatinine,Kidney FailureCreatinine is a metabolic product of muscle in human body, which is mainly filtered out by glomerulus. Normally, creatinine is in a constant state. But if the kidney function is damaged, the excretion of creatinine will be blocked and accumulated continuously in the human body. Biochemical examination can show that creatinine is elevated.

Nephrotic patients begin to reduce creatinine in various ways: drinking plenty of water, eating vegetarian and not exercising, taking propranolol, etc. Creatinine does go down, but it goes up over time.

In fact, it is not advisable to dilute drinking water, eat vegetarian, do not exercise to reduce the source of creatinine, take medicine to increase the excretion of creatinine, because creatinine is reduced by creatinine, not from the cause of creatinine rise to solve the problem. Over a long period of time, renal function continues to be impaired, which is easy to accelerate the process of renal failure.

What is the correct way to reduce creatinine?

Starting with the impairment of renal function, we naturally reduce creatinine by preventing the continued impairment of renal function and protecting the remaining renal function. (In fact, the original purpose of reducing creatinine is to protect the renal function from continuing impairment, but not to reduce the creatinine value on the test sheet pursued by some people.)

1. Niaoduqing and Medicinal Carbon Tablets

Mainly through promoting intestinal excretion, to increase the excretion of creatinine, urea nitrogen and other metabolic wastes, although it can fall in the short term, it is still easy to rebound, and it is difficult to prevent renal function damage by using it alone. Generally, it is used with Chinese medicine.

2. Enema of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine enema is mainly absorbed by aldehyde-coated oxygen starch and other drugs. It can effectively reduce creatinine and urea nitrogen for non-invasive treatment.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mainly through oral Chinese medicine plus fumigation, bath and other traditional Chinese medicine methods, effectively prevent further damage to renal function, and then reduce creatinine.

Whichever way to reduce creatinine, patients should seek regular hospital doctors for treatment. Patients in the process of reducing creatinine, blood pressure, protein and other homework should also be in place.

4. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine but used external. You will feel amazed when you know its therapeutic procedure. Two bags full of Chinese Medicine are put under the lower back of the patients. With the help of osmosis device and patients’ acupoints, effective materials can reach the damaged kidney directly playing a role of expanding blood vessels, anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation, degradation, promote blood circulation, promoting DNA replication of damaged kidney cells, provide nutrition for kidneys. Patients just need to lie in the bed to enjoy this therapy.they can watch TV, chat with friends, surf the Internet while accepting this treatment. It can repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney functions effectively without side effects.

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