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Does Creatinine 3.3 Mean Kidney Failure

2013-05-20 17:57

Elevated creatinine level indicates a high risk for end stage renal failure and dialysis. Well then, does creatinine 3.3 mean kidney failure? How to stay far away from dialysis with serum creatinine 3.3?

Does creatinine 3.3 mean kidney failure?

Serum creatinine 3.3 does not mean kidney failure, but indicates patient is heading toward end stage renal disease (ESRD). Creatinine is produced during the metabolism of muscle, so when it can not be excreted timely, creatinine level in blood rises. Kidney is in charge of discharging creatinine, so kidney is always blamed for high creainine level in many cases. Also, this is the reason why kidney failure patients have elevated creatinine level.

Kidney has strong compensatory ability, which means kidney function will not be affected if only a small group of kidney tissues are involved. Studies show serum creatinine usually begin to increase when a half of kidney function is affected. Normal serum creatinine is 0.5-1.3mg/dL. Creatinine 3.3 is much higher than the normal value, and it means kidney function has been impaired seriously.

How to stay away from dialysis with serum creatinine 3.3?

In many cases, serum creatinine level rises to the point quickly where dialysis is needed when kidney disease progresses to advanced stage. In view of this, protecting residual kidney tissues and improving kidney function will be the most effective solution for preventing dialysis.

So far there is no such a specific medicine or treatment that can improve kidney function, so many patients put their hopes on Chinese medicine. Unfortunately, no Chinese medicine can cure kidney failure, but clinic studies found effective combination of some Chinese herbs and western medicine can help to improve kidney function greatly. Also, in some cases, dialysis patients can get off dialysis owing to great improvement of illness condition.

Serum creatinine 3.3 is higher than the normal range, but it is not high enough to put patients on dialysis. Therefore, compared with these whose kidneys have been failed to sustain their life, patients with creatinine 3.3 have a greater chance to live far away from dialysis. (If you are interested in the treatment method that can help to improve kidney function, please leave us message directly. Hope this treatment can help you stay far away from dialysis and kidney transplant)

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