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What Is The Best Herbal Medicine For High Creatinine Level

2013-05-24 13:59

Creatinine level helps to reflect the amount of waste products in the blood. For kidney failure patients, they can try some herbal medicines to lower their high creatinine level. Well then, what is the best herbal medicine for high creatinine level?

Herbal medicines for high creatinine level

Kidney failure patients experience high creatinine level as failed kidneys can not discharge excess creatinine level out of the blood timely. Under such a condition, the followings Chinese herbs can be used to reduce creatinine in blood:

1. Stinging nettle seed: Stinging nettle seed is reported to have function of lowering high creatinine level in a study published in the journal of The American Herbalist Guild which said kidney failure patients who were given this herb showed a significant decrease in their serum creatinine.

2. Ginseng: Ginseng stimulates the circulation to the kidneys, which is very helpful in treating kidney failure. In clinic, it is often used with cinnamon to lower creatinine level.

3. Salvia: Salvia is always used to lower high creatinine level by kidney failure patients who are on dialysis.

4. Dandelion root: Herb of dandelion root can be used as a diuretic. Normally, creatinine is discharged out of the body with urine, so by increasing kidney failure patients’ urine output, much more creatinine can be excreted and high creatinine level can be lowered effectively.

What is the best herbal medicine for high creatinine level?

All the above herbal medicine can be used for high creatinine level, but which one show the best treatment effect? Though the above herbal medicine show effects in lowering creatinine level, micro-Chinese medicine is usually recommended for kidney failure patients.

Herbal medicines for high creatinine level work in different ways. For micro-Chinese medicine, it reduces creatinine level by improving kidney function. We know kidneys are the organ that are responsible for keeping serum creatinine in the normal range. When they are affected, kidney function decreases and creatinine level increases. Hence, only when kidney function is increased, can high creatinine level be lowered radically.

Micro-Chinese medicine is composed of several herbal medicines which are selected carefully. It shows better effects in reducing creatinine in blood, compared with other herbal medicine. This is the reason why it is usually recommended for kidney failure patients.

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