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How To Reverse Creatinine Level Naturally

2013-06-30 10:44

How to reverse creatinine level naturally? Elevated creatinine level is a dominant indicator for kidney disease. And for kidney failure patients, effective reverse of serum creatinine level can help them delay or avoid dialysis effectively. In clinic, some drugs like ketosteril can be used to control creatinine level, but because of the terrible side effects, many kidney failure patients wonder if they can get their creatinine level reversed naturally.

How to reverse creatinine level naturally?

For kidney failure patients, their kidney function has been affected seriously and to get serum creatinine level lowered down naturally, they need to take lots of measures:

1. Arrange diet according to exact illness condition

First of all, creatinine is the metabolic product of meat, so eating less meat will be one of the dietary principles. Besides, to avoid bringing extra burden on kidney, which may cause further rise of serum creatinine, kidney failure patients also need to calcium protein intake, limit salt intake, reduce potassium and phosphorus intake if lab tests show high levels of potassium and phosphorus in blood.

2. Avoid drastic physical exercises

With the increase of physical exercises, much more creatinine will be produced. They build up in the body, which also can cause elevation of serum creatinine level. Therefore, avoiding drastic physical exercise is also necessary.

3. Control blood pressure into the normal range

Although high blood pressure occurs as a symptom in many cases of kidney failure, it can cause kidney damages directly. Seeing from this point of angle, bringing blood pressure under control is of great importance.

4. Treat proteinuria and hematuria actively

Both proteinuira and hematuria are the dominant symptoms of kidney failure. If left alone, they will worsen kidney condition and aggravate illness condition. Therefore, treating proteinuria and hematuria actively is also very beneficial and this can help to prevent serum creatinine level from increasing quickly to some extent.

5. Protect residual kidney function

No matter for people with early stage kidney problem or kidney disease in advanced stage, protecting residual kidney function plays an important part for patients to have a better control about their illness condition. Also, this can help to stop illness progression.

6. Improve kidney function

Many Chinese herbs show great effects in improving kidney condition. These herbs have been proven to be effective and helpful. But if used not properly, they will cause serious side effects and even cause deterioration of kidney function. Therefore, talking with doctors about the possible side effects and proper dose before taking them is very important.

For kidney failure patients, serum creatinine level increases as failed kidneys can not function properly. Therefore, as long as kidney function gets improved, much more creatinine will be discharged successfully and also creatinine level gets reversed effectively.

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