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Can Creatinine Level Be High Even If Have Good Urine Output

2013-07-07 14:00

Can Creatinine Level Be High Even If Have Good Urine OutputCan creatinine level be high even if have good urine output? We are told kidneys help to filter blood and during this process, waste product like creatinine and excess fluid are discharged out of the body as the form of urine. Therefore, many people wounder if good or normal urine output indicates normal creatinine level and is it possible for one to have high creatinine level with good urine output. Here, we will help you found out these questions and if you have further questions after reading this article, you can consult our online-experts face to face.

Can creatinine level be high even if have good urine output?

In our kidneys, there are glomeruli and renal tubules wich paly different role for our kidneys to work normally. Normally, when blood flow into our kidneys, they will be filtered by glomeruli and during this process, nutritions are kept in the body, and waste products and excess fluid are leaked and flow into renal tubule where most of the fluid are reabsorbed. After this process, waste products and the rest fluid are emptied into bladder though ureter.

The successful formation of urine is based on healthy glomeruli and renal tubules. When glomeruli are injured seriously, blood can not be filtered effectively, leading to low urine output. However, if reabsorption of renal tubule is affected severely, filtered fluid can not be reabsorbed timely and this will lead to high urine output.

In cases of kidney disease, it is not uncommon to see patients have high creatinine level even if their urine output is normal. Urine output means kidney still can filter some blood and there are still healthy kidney function. In that condition, it is possible to improve kidney function and lower cratinine level effectively.

In many cases, people choose dialysis as their major treatment. Dialysis helps to remove toxins and excessive fluid in the body, which is very helpful for protect other organs from being damaged. However, we must be realize that dialysis can not repair kidney damages and kidney function can not be improved with it. Furthermore, blood is filtered outside patients’ body during dialysis and this will lead to the decreased of blood volume in kidney. Under such a condition, residual kidney tissues can not get enough nutritions and oxygen from the blood and plus heavy burden, they become necrotic and lose their working ability finally. This the reason why many patients found their urine output become less and less since they start dialysis. And also, once patients stop output urine, dialysis and kidney transplant will be the last two options for them to sustain their life.

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