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What To Do With Too Much Urea Nitrogen In Blood

2013-07-17 17:42

What To Do With Too Much Urea Nitrogen In BloodWhat to do with too much urea nitrogen in blood? We need to take some actions when there is something wrong with our body or health. And for an individual who is told to have too much urea nitrogen, what he does means a lot for their health.

What does it mean when there are too much urea nitrogen in blood?

High levels of urea nitrogen in blood is abnormal which may indicate health problem. Under such a condition, knowing its medical significance will be a good guidance for the right actions.

1.What is urea nitrogen?

Urea nitrogen is the substance produced during the metabolism of protein. Normally, the content of urea nitrogen in blood is stable and this is controlled by kidney.

2. What does high blood urea nitrogen mean?

Since kidney is responsible for controlling blood urea nitrogen level, so elevated blood urea nitrogen always indicate kidney problem. And the higher the blood urea nitrogen level is, the poorer the kidney function.

What to do with too much urea nitrogen in blood?

Since we know buildup of urea nitrogen in blood is due to kidney problem, so we must make sure what we do is good for our kidneys. Generally speaking, for kidney disease patients who are detected with too much urea nitrogen in blood, the following measures are helpful:

1. Measure blood pressure and blood sugar regularly, so as to make sure they are in normal range.

2. Avoid high sodium foods, high potassium foods and high phosphorus foods, as these foods may increase kidney burden and worsen kidney condition.

3. Prevent cold and infection actively and this will lower their risk for acute kidney failure.

4. Talk with doctors about the proper fluid intake and fluid intake. This usually depends on their specific illness condition.

5. Try to repair injured kidney intrinsic cells with medicines like Micro-Chinese medicine. This is an essential step for improving kidney function.

Almost all the kidney disease patients have elevated blood urea nitrogen level. Since too much urea nitrogen pile up in blood because of impaired kidney function, improving kidney condition is imperative for lowering its level.

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