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Kidney Failure Will Cause Elevated Creatinine Level

2013-01-01 16:08

High creatinine is one of the abnormality in laboratory examination due to kidney failure. The residual kidney functions are usually measured by GFR which is calculated with serum creatinine blood test as well as patients’ age, gender, race, weight and body size.

Creatinine can reflect substantial renal damages, but it is not sensitive indicator. Usually when half kidney functions have been damages can there be elevation of serum creatinine.

When GFR falls to 50%-80% of the normal, serum creatinine can still be in the normal range (133-177umol/l). There is no clinical symptoms and no retention of creatinine and blood urea nitrogen and other metabolic wastes.

When GFR falls to 25%-50%, it enters into azotemia stage. Serum creatinine will begin to increase, but it is still lower than 450. Usually there are no obvious symptoms besides slight anemia, frequent urination and increased urine volume.

When GFR falls to 10%-20%, there will be significant increase of serum creatinine (about 450-707). There will be serious anemia, increased night urination, disorder of water and electrolytes as well as discomforts and symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and central nervous system.

When GFR is below 10%, serum creatinine will be higher than 707. At such stage there will be obvious clinical symptoms and blood biochemical abnormalities.

Creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscles and under normal circumstances will be discharged out of the body with urination through kidneys’ filtration. In case of kidney failure, renal filtration ability of the blood will be affected and creatinine and other metabolic wastes and toxins can not be cleared from the blood as they should be.

Since the root problem is impairment of renal tissues and decline of renal functions, lowering creatinine should not be the ultimate goal or it will increase once again after the medicines or dialysis is stopped. Only if kidney functions and GFR are improved can creatinine fall naturally and further relapse be prevented.

Herbal medicine, external application of Chinese medicines and immunotherapy can treat kidney failure from the root by repairing damaged renal intrinsic cells and tissues and recovering certain renal functions.

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