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Can Dandelion Tea Help Lower Creatinine Level

2013-07-19 16:02

can dandelione help lower creatinine levelIt is said dandelion shows effects in treating kidney problem, well, can dandelion tea help lower creatinine level? As for this question, we’d like to give answer in the following text.

Can dandelion tea help lower creatinine level?

Dandelion is a beautiful plan in the spring and summer. And it can also be used for medicinal purposes. In medicine, dandelion root can be used to clean the bloodstream and improve the function of kidneys, gall badder, pancreas, spleen, and the stomach. For kidney disease patients, it severs as diuretic which make patients urinate more. We know creatinine is one of the wastes produced in the body and normally discharged through kidneys. Urinating more will help to excrete excess creatinine and lower serum creatinine level. Seeing from this point of view, drinking dandelion tea regularly is helpful for lowering creatinine level in blood.

Can high serum creatinine level be lowered to normal range with dandelion tea?

Serum creatinine is kept in the normal range as kidneys can help to discharge excess creatinine. For kidney failure patients, they suffer from elevation of creatinine level in blood as their kidneys are failed to perform function well. From this aspect, improving kidney function is the key point for kidney failure patients to normalize their creatinine level in blood.

Dandelion root is helpful for lowering creatinine level to some extent and it works by making patients urinate more, instead of improving kidney function. Therefore, it is hard to lower serum creatinine level into normal range simply with dandelion tea. To get elevated creatinine level lowered to normal range, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be used to improve kidney function. As long as impaired kidney function gets restored, excess creatinine will be discharged successfully and serum creatinine gets lowered naturally.

Besides, although dandelion tea is nutritional and helpful in lowering creatinine level, it can cause lots of side effects if not used properly. The most common discomforts caused by dandelion tea include mouth sores, skin rash, diarrhea, poor appetite and stomach pain and so on. Therefore, please talk with doctors to see if you are allowed to drink it and if yes, what is the proper amount.(Anything unclear? Consult our profession to get prompt answer)

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