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Foods To Lower High BUN Level

2013-07-31 11:10

Foods To Lower High BUN LevelWhat foods can help to lower high BUN level? This question is often posted by kidney disease patients, as high BUN level always indicate kidney problem. Proper diet is an important part for kidney disease patients to get elevated BUN level lowered down. However, the problem is many of them have no ideal about what foods to eat with elevated BUN level. And here we will give a detailed introduction about this topic.

First of all, before leaning the foods to lower high BUN level, it is necessary for us to know clearly what BUN is and why BUN level increases when kidneys are injured.

What is BUN?

BUN is the abbreviation of blood urea nitrogen and refers to the urea nitrogen in blood. Urea nitrogen is the end production of protein, so the more protein we eat, the higher the urea nitrogen level in blood.

Why BUN level increases when kidneys are injured?

Normally, BUN level is kept in a normal range 3.2-7.1mmol/L (9-20mg/dl) through our kidney. When one ingests too much protein at one time, his kidneys will help to discharge excessive urea nitrogen, so kidney plays an important role in normalizing BUN level. For this reason, when kidney tissues are injured, kidney function decreases and BUN level increases. This is the reason why kidney disease patients always have elevated BUN level.

What are the foods to lower high BUN level?

For a kidney disease patients, if he wants to lower elevated BUN level effectively, foods that can elevates BUN level and worsen kidney function must be avoided, as they may cause further increase of BUN and the aggravation of illness which also lead to the further elevation of illness. Seeing from this point of view, the following foods should be paid extra attention by kidney disease patients:

1. High protein foods: The more protein kidney disease patients eat, the higher the BUN level, so avoiding high protein foods like bean and bean products is very essential. But in their daily life, they can eat some high quality protein like lean meat, egg white, fish and milk and so on.

2. Salted foods: Eating too much salted foods does not cause elevation of BUN level directly, but it can worsen kidney condition, which can cause further increase of BUN level. For this reason, foods like bacon, pickles, snakes, cheese, sauce and snakes and so on should be avoided by kidney disease patients.

3. Hydrating foods: Hydrating foods is not recommended if you have fluid retention, however, for these who have no swelling symptom, eating too much hydrating foods helps to produce more urine and during this process, some urea nitrogen can be discharged together with urine. This is helpful for lowering high BUN level.

Kidney disease patients are always asked to follow different dietary principles due to the difference of illness condition. Here we offer online service, you can consult our consultant online about the foods that are suitable for you. Also, you can send your test report or leave message to Our experts will reply you within 48 hours and give you some suggestions.

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