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Is Dialysis Needed With Creatinine 4.6

2013-08-03 18:20

Generally, when the level of creatinine is 4.6 or much higher in your body, doctors may suggest you do dialysis. Creatinine 4.6 is quite a high level, but creatinine level is not accurate enough to judge whether someone needs dialysis. Patients need to do other examinations like protein levels and urea nitrogen levels and so on. Then they can decide if they need to do dialysis.

What is creatinine?

Creatinine is a chemical waste and it is filtered and eliminated when it passes through kidneys. Creatinine is a by-product of normal muscle contractions. It is produced from creatine which supplies energy to the muscle. The normal level of creatinine of male is 0.6mg/dL to 1.2mg/dL, female is 0.5mg/dL to 1.1mg/dL.

What does creatinine 4.6 mean?

Kidneys regulate the blood creatinine in a normal level. Creatinine is a way to check your kidney function. If your creatinine level is 4.6--much higher than normal level, this means that your kidney function has been impaired and your kidneys are damaged severely. Therefore, if your creatinine level is 4.6, you need to take measures as soon as possible. Generally speaking, patients with 4.6 creatinine level have no need to do dialysis if they have no serious discomforts like nausea, vomiting and itchy skin. When the creatinine level is over 5.1, the dialysis will be recommended.

Of course, it differs from person to person. The state of patients’ illness is different, and it is difficult to judge if one needs dialysis or not simply by serum creatinine. But as soon as the creatinine level increases to 4.6, patients need to reduce the level of creatinine.

How to reduce creatinine 4.6?

1. Avoid doing strenuous physical activity. Strenuous exercise can lead to the further increase of serum creatinine.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits, and remember to choose the right vegetables and fruits according to the specific illness condition.

3. Limit the intake of salt, and eat some light foods.

4. Control the intake of protein, and eat some high quality protein foods like egg white, lean meat, fish and milk.

5. Avoid taking creatine-containing supplements, like energy bars and drink mixes.

These are some suggestion. If patients with creatinine 4.6 do as above-mentioned, their creatinine level will be decreased more or less. However, if the creatinine level keeps increasing and there are lots of severe complications, patients need to go hospital to receive a serious treatment, including dialysis or kidney transplant.

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