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How Can I Control Creatinine In Initial Stage of Kidney Failure

2013-08-08 14:45

How Can I Control Creatinine In Initial Stage of Kidney FailureHow can I control creatinine in initial stage of kidney failure? Elevated serum creatinine is a concern of almost all the kidney failure patients. Also, it is very hard to bring high creatinine level into normal range after it is elevated due to kidney problems. Therefore, many patients start to think about controlling creatinine level from initial stage. Well then, how can we control creatinine in initial stage of kidney failure?

To be honest, serum creatinine does not increase until a half of kidney function is affected, so elevated creatinine level always means kidneys have been damaged seriously. For people with initial stage kidney failure, in all probability, their serum creatinine still stays in normal range. In that case, with comprehensive measures like beneficial diet, tight control of primary illness and protection of residual kidney function, creatinine level can be controlled very well.

The detailed information that how to control serum creatinine level in initial stage of kidney function goes as follow:

Beneficial diet

A scientific diet plays a crucial role for our health, no matter we are healthy or patients of some illnesses. For people with initial stage kidney failure, a beneficial diet not only helps to reduce kidney burden, but also slow down illness progression. For this reason, making diet changes becomes extremely important. For patients with early stage kidney problem, a beneficial diet include low-salt diet, low-protein diet, low-phosphorus diet, and low-potassium diet if there is elevated potassium level in blood. Also, they need to calculate the volume of fluid they need every day, so as to avoid causing unnecessary problems.

Tight control of primary illness

In many cases, kidney failure is secondary to some illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, Lupus and Purpura and so on. For these patients, tight control of primary illness is extremely important for preventing the further progression of kidney failure and the further increase of creatinine level in blood.

Protection of residual kidney function

Kidney failure progresses with the reduce of residual kidney function, it develops to end stage when only 15% kidney function is left. In this light, we can know that protecting residual kidney function from being affected is very imperative.

Avoid medicines that do harm for kidneys

We can not take medicines casually once our kidney is injured, as some medicines are nephrotoxic. These medicines may aggravate kidney damages and accelerate illness to end stage kidney failure. Therefore, we must be careful about every medicines we take.

Prevent cold and infection actively

Affected kidneys can not bear any burden any more, so we need to pay attention to every aspect in our daily life, so as to reach the goal of protecting kidney. For people with initial stage kidney failure, as long as residual kidney function is protected, their serum creatinine can be kept in the normal range effectively.

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