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What Can Be The Treatment For Creatinine 2.04 And BUN 59

2013-08-09 19:03

What can be the treatment when serum creatinine is 2.04 and BUN is 59? First of all, we must realize both creatinine 2.04 and BUN 59 are higher than the normal range 0.5-1.3 and 5-20. Serum creatinine level and BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level are often tested to measure kidney condition. High creatinine level and urea nitrogen in blood indicates kidney problem which needs to be treated timely, otherwise dialysis or kidney transplant will be required. For one with serum creatinine 2.04 and BUN 59, different treatments can be applied and here we will give a general introduction about these treatment methods.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a treatment option for kidney disease patients to lower high creatinine level and urea nitrogen level in blood. It works by treating kidney damages. We know kidney is the organ that takes charge of expelling excessive creatinine and urea nitrogen. When kidney tissues are injured and kidney function is impaired, a great number of creatinine and urea nitrogen pile up, leading to elevation of serum creatinine level and BUN level. By repairing kidney damages and improving kidney function, serum creatinine 2.04 and BUN 59 can be lowered effectively through Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Besides, this treatment is based on Chinese herbs and causes no side effects during the whole treatment process, so it is preferable for all the patients.


Immunotherapy is another available treatment for people with high serum creatinine and high BUN caused by kidney disease. Immunotherapy is mainly divided into six steps while treating kidney disease and it is a combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine. We know Chinese medicine and western medicine see kidney problem differently and also treat kidney disease in different ways. They show different effects in treating different kinds of kidney problem. By combining their advantages, treatment effects can be increased greatly.

Dialysis and kidney transplant

Serum creatinine 2.04 and BUN 59 is not high enough for kidney disease patients to do dialysis or kidney transplant, but if not treated radically and timely, dialysis or kidney transplant will be the last two treatment options for extremely high creatinine level and BUN level. Both dialysis and kidney transplant are torturous, expensive and risky, so it is not wise for kidney disease patients with creatinine 2.04 and BUN 59 to wait for dialysis and kidney transplant.

All the above treatments are helpful for lowering high creatinine and high BUN level. They works in different ways and show different effects. Also, they focus on different kidney problems. Here we offer online service, you can describe your illness condition in the below and our experts will help you analysize your illness condition and then recommend the right treatment for you. Also, you can leave message to directly.

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