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Can Kidney Cyst Affect BUN Level And Creatinine Level

2013-08-12 10:38

Can Kidney Cyst Affect BUN Level And Creatinine LevelCan kidney cyst affect BUN level and creatinine level? BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level and serum creatinine level are normally kept in a stable range through kidney, so when kidney function is affected, BUN level and creatinine level in blood increase. Kidney cyst refers to fluid collection in kidney and it indeed affect BUN level and creatinine level if not treated timely and effectively.

Kidney cyst can cause increase of BUN level and creatinine level

Kidney cyst is a common kidney problem, especially among elders with age over 50. For small kidney cyst (smaller than 3cm), no treatment is needed, but patients need to pay close observation to the cysts. They can live without taking any medical measures if there is no enlargement of the cyst and also no symptoms like back pain, proteinuria and blood urine occur. However, once the cyst is tested to enlarge over time, surgery or alternative treatments are needed to remove or shrink it.

Kidney cyst which is detected to enlarge over time will put extra burden on surrounding kidney tissues if left alone and this may affect kidney intrinsic cells from working normally. In the very beginning, only a small group of kidney cells are injured and at that time, BUN level and creatinine may still be kept in the normal range, as clinical studies denote BUN level and creatinine level does not increase until a half of kidney function is impaired. Therefore, for kidney cyst patients, increase of BUN level and creatinine level may indicate serious kidney damages.

How to protect kidney function with kidney cyst?

As we have mentioned above, no treatment is needed for small kidney cyst, but if kidney cyst becomes bigger and bigger over time, medical measures are necessary. Currently, there are different treatments for large cysts in kidney:

1. Surgery: Surgery is the most direct way to remove cyst in kidney. It is effective, but risky and painful. Therefore, many kidney cysts turn their attention on alternative treatments which can help them solve problem effectively and meanwhile cause no sufferings.

2. Chinese herbs: Chinese herb is another choice for patients to treat cyst in kidney. Many herbs show effects in controlling kidney cyst, but here we mainly introduce Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a combination of several herbs. Clinical experiments show that with this treatment, cysts in kidney can be shrunk effectively and what is more, it can works on all the cysts at one time, which is totally different from surgery.

Lastly, we know increased BUN level and creatinine level often occur as a result of kidney damages, so as long as kidney cysts are treated effectively and kidney damages are avoided, BUN level and creatinine level will be kept in the normal range.

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