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High Creatinine Level In Women

2013-08-15 17:42

High Creatinine Level In WomenWhat does it mean if a woman is told her creatinine level in blood is higher than the reference value. For a healthy lady, her serum creatinine should be kept in the range 0.5-1.0mg/dL or 45-90umol/L. Therefore, when lab test shows elevated serum creatinine, there must be something wrong with her physical condition.

Should women be alert with high creatinine level?

Firstly, let’s learn about what does a high creatinine level mean. As we have said above, serum creatinine level should be kept in a normal range for a healthy lady, and this is realized through strong kidney function. Kidney is bean-shaped organ with multiple functions. When lots of creatinine are produced at one time, kidneys will perform function to help discharge the excess. Therefore, kidney plays a crucial role in controlling creatinine level in blood. Also, from the above complanation, we can learn that high creatinine level always implies kidney problem.

Kidney disease is a cause of high creatinine level, but it is not the only factor that can affect serum creatinine. For women who are told to have high creatinine level, tests for kidneys function are urgently needed, so as to found out if there is something wrong with their kidney (you may be interested in Kidney Disease Detection, if you want to learn more about tests for kidney function). In addition, once kidney problem is diagnosed, an effective treatment is urgently needed, otherwise, serum creatinine will keep increasing to the level that requires dialysis and kidney transplant.

Possible causes for high creatinine level in women

We have mentioned in the above that kidney disease is a possible cause for women to suffer from high creatinine level. In medicine, aside from kidney disease, many others factors also can cause elevation of serum creatinine level and they go as follow:

* Dehydration

* Heart Disease

* Eating too much creatine supplements

* Drugs like cisplatin, carboplain and so on

* High intake of meat and drastic physical exercises

Since there are different causes for women to have high creatinine level, founding out the root cause is the basic for the following measures.

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