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Diet For High Creatinine

2013-08-27 15:54

diet for high creatinineCreatinine is a kind of metabolic waste of our body. It is filtrated by glomerular and discharged out of our body. High creatinine will increase the workload of kidneys and further damage kidneys. In order to prevent kidney function from worsening, you should pay attention to your diet for it is an important aspect of treatment. The followings are the suggested diet for high creatinine .

1. Low salt diet: sodium is the main component of salt. Too much salt intake will cause water-sodium retention, which will lead to swelling. Salt is also a leading cause of hypertension. Therefore, if you have sever swelling and hypertension, you should strictly limit salt intake, if not, you should keep low sale diet. In your daily life, you should avoid high sodium food, such as processed food, like sausage, pickles, biltong and canned food; fast food; soup; dry food and so on.

2. Low protein diet: usually, patients with high creatinine are suggested to take in low protein food, because when protein is dissolved, it will produce a waste product called urea. Damaged kidney can not get rid of it and it will build up in your body. So the suggested low protein diet for high creatinine patients is food with quality protein like milk, eggs and meat. What’s calls for your special attention is that vegetable protein can not be well used in our body and will create much waste product. So you should take less vegetable protein.

Low potassium diet: high potassium food is the limited diet for high creatinine patients. Because high potassium will increase electrolyte imbalance and aggravate the degree of kidney damage, resulting in elevated creatinine. High potassium food includes spinach, rape, celery, radish, anise apple pumpkin and so on.

Expect for diet, patients high creatinine should also limit smoking and drinking. Though proper diet for high creatinine patients is important, scientific therapy is the main method you should care a lot, such as the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it is an effective treatment for patients with kidney problems. I hope the above suggestions can do you a favor and help you get rid of kidney problem as soon as possible.

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