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Creatinine Levels and BUN

Knowledge on creatinine, including the normal range/levels of creatinine, causes and symptoms of high creatinine levels, reasons and causes of low creatinine, and treatment and diet to lower high creatinine.

Creatinine Clearance Calculator

Top 10 Home Remedies to Control High Creatinine Level

Almost all of patients with kidney disease are living with high creatinine level. Patients with high creatinine level often displayed symptoms of fatigue, anemia and muscle cramping. Therefore, patients are eager to know what are the top 10 ...Read More

What is the Quickest Natural Way to Bring down High Creatinine Level with Kidney Failure

Almost all of patients are living with high creatinine level. Patients with high creatinine level often displayed symptoms of headache, fatigue and muscle cramping. The higher creatinine level it is, the more likely the kidney disease is to...Read More

Creatinine Level 10 with CKD, Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy a Cure

If a patient with creatinine 10, he is in stage 5 chronic kidney disease which is a severe kidney disease. Thereby, most patients are wondering that is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy a cure for creatinine 10? You also can add WhatsApp/V...Read More

Creatinine Level can be Reduced from 3.5 to 2.8, Does that Means that Kidney disease is Reversible

In most peoples opinion, kidney disease can be reversed if their creatinine level is lowered. Is this true? The renal experts from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital will explain it in details. You also can add WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+86182...Read More

The Treatments Options for Controlling Creatinine 9

High creatinine level seems the most common sign of kidney disease. And reducing high creatinine level plays a essential role in controlling the progression of kidney disease. Hence, patients want to try their best to control high creatinin...Read More

How Do You Control Blood Urea Naturally

High blood urea in blood means that your kidney function are not functioning properly. With large amount of urea in blood, patients are bound to suffer from severe symptoms. Ammonia taste in mouth is the most common ones. Therefore, patient...Read More

Creatinine 5 & Urea 82 with Chronic Kidney Disease : What Should I Do

High creatinine and urea level may be the common signs of chronic kidney disease. Patients with high creatinine and urea level often displayed symptoms of fatigue, anemia and muscle cramping. For patients with chronic kidney disease, what s...Read More

Is Creatinine 3.9 Bad

Creatinine 3.9 means that patients kidney disease is developed into stage 3 kidney disease which is the key stage of kidney disease. Is creatinine 3.9 bad? Now, this article will explain it in details. As a matter of fact, as long as kidney...Read More

How to Reduce High Creatinine Level without Dialysis

High creatinine level is commonly seen in people with kidney disease. So reducing high creatinine level concerns patients most and their family members. Although dialysis takes highly effects to reduce high creatinine level, dialysis leads...Read More

How Do you Lower High Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) with Kidney Failure

High Blood urea nitrogen seems the early sign of kidney failure. To some extent, controlling blood urea nitrogen is helpful to slow down kidney damage and prevent further damage. How do you control high blood urea nitrogen with kidney failu...Read More

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