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Creatinine Levels and BUN

Knowledge on creatinine, including the normal range/levels of creatinine, causes and symptoms of high creatinine levels, reasons and causes of low creatinine, and treatment and diet to lower high creatinine.

Creatinine Clearance Calculator

Can High Creatinine Level Cause Ammonia Taste

Usually, almost all of patients with kidney disease are bound to experience a lot of poisoning symptoms, such as fatigue and high blood pressure. Recently, more and more patients complaint that they suffer from ammonia tastes. While, can hi...Read More

What is the Life Expectancy for Creatinine 7.0 Patients

My mother has creatinine level of 7.0 and she is refusing dialysis. I want to what is the her life expectancy, more or less. Now, this article will explain it in details. You also can contact our online doctor directly or add WhatsApp/Viber...Read More

The Effective Treatment for Creatinine 4 with Kidney Failure

My father is having creatinine level of 4.87 and he is suffering from fatigue, anemia and muscle cramping. Could you suggest me some information regarding on his condition. Now, this article will explain it in details. First of all, dialysi...Read More

My Creatinine is 11.4, What Should I Do

Recently, more and more patients are living with high creatinine level. Patients with high creatinine level often displayed symptoms of headache, muscle cramping and anemia. And these symptoms affects your life quality severely. While, what...Read More

The Effective Treatment for Reucing Creatinine 5.2

High creatinine level is commonly experienced for most of kidney disease patient. To some extent, high creatinine level indicates that there is something wrong with your normal kidney function. Therefore, most of patients are eager to know...Read More

Creatinine 4.3 with Kidney Failure, Which Treatments Should be Used

Usually, patients with creatinine 4.3 is at stage 3 kidney disease which is the key stage of kidney disease. Patients need to receive treatment as soon as possible to prevent further damage. While, what treatments should be applied to reduc...Read More

Any Possible to Recover for Creatinine 4 and Urea 53

For patients with kidney disease, they are must familiar with creatinine and urea. They are told that they have high creatinine and urea level frequently. And they are living very uncomfortably with high creatinine and urea. A patient with c...Read More

How Do you Treat High Creatinine Level with Kidney Failure

Most of patients with kidney failure are living with high creatinine level. Patients with high creatinine level often displayed symptoms of headache, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting. Because of this, patients are eager to know how do you ...Read More

The Common Symptoms of High Creatinine Level in Kidney Failure

Everyone hopes has a long and high quality life, if a person is sick, he will try his best to cure his disease, but not all the illness can be cured. The same as kidney illness, some disease can be cured, but some cannt. In kidney failure s...Read More

Is Creatinine 6 and Urea 100 the Stage to Go for Dialysis

Clinically, creatinine 6 and urea 100 is the stage 4 kidney disease in which patients need to do dialysis to relive some poisoning symptoms. While, whether you need to do dialysis or not, it mainly depends on your specific illness condition...Read More

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