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Creatinine Levels and BUN

Knowledge on creatinine, including the normal range/levels of creatinine, causes and symptoms of high creatinine levels, reasons and causes of low creatinine, and treatment and diet to lower high creatinine.

Creatinine Clearance Calculator

What is the Best Treatment to Remove High Levels of Creatinine Levels in Blood

Generally speaking, high creatinine level is commonly experienced in patients with kidney disease. Patients with high creatinine level often experience many poi...Read More

FSGS with Creatinine 7.8, How can They Get Rid of Dialysis

For patients with FSGS, Dialysis seems the only way for FSGS patients to reduce high creatinine level. However, dialysis is an unpleasant experience to go throu...Read More

Symptoms of High Blood Urea Nitrogen in Kidney Failure

High Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) is an abnormal medical indicator that can bring patients lots of symptoms. In clinic, high urea nitrogen level in blood may be a ...Read More

Does Creatinine 7.2 with Diabetes Indicate Kidney Failure

Clinically, creatinine 7.2 is a very high level for kidney disease patients. While, does creatinine 7.2 with diabetes indicate kidney failure ? Do you also have...Read More

How Can Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Reduce Creatinine 400

High creatinine level is commonly experienced in patients with kidney disease. Patients with high creatinine level often displayed symptoms of headache, fatigue...Read More

Why Creatinine 11 Still Increases after Dialysis

Generally, dialysis is a way of reducing high creatinine level, however, most of patients still experience high creatinine level after dialysis. How does this h...Read More

Can Creatinine 6 with Diabetes Avoid Dialysis

Dialysis is commonly used in patients who are suffering from high creatinine level. However, dialysis often makes patients experience many adverse effects, such...Read More

Can Dialysis be Avoided with Creatinine 9.1

Clinically, dialysis is commonly experienced in patients with kidney disease to eliminate various wastes products and toxic substances and to relive some poison...Read More

What is the Advice for Creatinine 4.8 without Doing Dialysis

Almost all of patient suffer from high creatinine level, which means that there are too many wastes products and toxins building up in blood. And dialysis may b...Read More

Treatment for Creatinine 3.4 with Kidney Failure in China

High creatinine level is mainly occur in patients with kidney failure. Common treatment cannot reduce high creatinine level naturally and fundamentally. Therefo...Read More

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