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Creatinine Levels and BUN

Knowledge on creatinine, including the normal range/levels of creatinine, causes and symptoms of high creatinine levels, reasons and causes of low creatinine, and treatment and diet to lower high creatinine.

Creatinine Clearance Calculator

High Creatinine And Kidney Failure And Dark Brown Urine

High creatinine is that the level of creatinine is higher than normal level which is 44-133mol/L. The level of serum creatinine measures the kidney function. Kidney failure is your kidney has been damaged partially or completely. Dark brown...Read More

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy For High Creatinine Levels

Creatinine level is one of the important indicators of kidney function because creatinine is removed from our body mainly via kidneys. If high creatinine levels appear, it means that your kidneys have already damaged in general. Therefore,...Read More

Diet For High Creatinine

Creatinine is a kind of metabolic waste of our body. It is filtrated by glomerular and discharged out of our body. High creatinine will increase the workload of kidneys and further damage kidneys. In order to prevent kidney function from wo...Read More

High Creatinine Level In Women

What does it mean if a woman is told her creatinine level in blood is higher than the reference value. For a healthy lady, her serum creatinine should be kept in the range 0.5-1.0mg/dL or 45-90umol/L. Therefore, when lab test shows elevated...Read More

How to Control High Creatinine Levels

Serum creatinine level is an important indicator of kidney functions. The normal creatinine is about 0.5-1.2 for adults. Many factors can cause high creatinine levels such as dehydration, creatine supplement, strenuous activities or even to...Read More

Can Kidney Cyst Affect BUN Level And Creatinine Level

Can kidney cyst affect BUN level and creatinine level? BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) level and serum creatinine level are normally kept in a stable range through kidney, so when kidney function is affected, BUN level and creatinine level in blo...Read More

Does The Person Need An Immediate Dialysis With Creatinine 7

Does the person need an immediate dialysis with creatinine 7? To be honest, creatinine 7 is extremely high and it has exceeded the normal range 0.5-1.3 a lot. Dialysis is a considered usually when serum creatinine level is as high as 5, so...Read More

What Can Be The Treatment For Creatinine 2.04 And BUN 59

What can be the treatment when serum creatinine is 2.04 and BUN is 59? First of all, we must realize both creatinine 2.04 and BUN 59 are higher than the normal range 0.5-1.3 and 5-20. Serum creatinine level and BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) lev...Read More

How Can I Control Creatinine In Initial Stage of Kidney Failure

How can I control creatinine in initial stage of kidney failure? Elevated serum creatinine is a concern of almost all the kidney failure patients. Also, it is very hard to bring high creatinine level into normal range after it is elevated d...Read More

Can I Survive Without Dialysis With Creatinine 5.2

Dialysis is life-saving, but risky for kidney failure patients, so many patients refuse to do dialysis, even if their serum creatinine has increased to a very dangerous level. Serum creatinine 5.2 is much higher than the normal range and ha...Read More

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