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Creatinine Levels and BUN

Knowledge on creatinine, including the normal range/levels of creatinine, causes and symptoms of high creatinine levels, reasons and causes of low creatinine, and treatment and diet to lower high creatinine.

Creatinine Clearance Calculator

What Is the Curative Effect of TCM for High Creatinine 9.5

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of TCM is an specialized kidney disease hospital, which uses systematic Chinese medicine treatments. Chinese medicine has great effects in managing high creatinine 9.5. Please go on reading to get more details....Read More

Chinese Toxins-Removing Treatment Reduces Creatinine 4.33 in NS

Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) is a sign that your kidneys aren’t working right. As a result, you have high levels of protein in your urine, low levels of protein in your blood, and high Creatinine levels. How does Chinese Toxins-Removing Treatme...Read More

The Safest Therapy: Chinese Medicine Treats High Creatinine 6.3 in CKD

In the past, there are no good therapies to treat kidney disease and the only thing can do is to slow down its progression. However, in China, there are some Chinese medicines for treating kidney disease even better than Dialysis....Read More

What Treatment Can Be Suggested for Creatinine 4.2

As people are suffering from kidney disease, their creatinine levels will elevate to normal. More and more patients would like to know how serious creatinine 4.2 is and what remedy or treatment can be suggested for creatinine 4.2....Read More

Is Creatinine Level 2.9 Needed to Do Dialysis

This article aims at people who has elevated Creatinine levels and has been advised Dialysis. Is creatinine level 2.9 needed to do dialysis? Is there any other option?...Read More

Recommended Measures for Reducing Creatinine 283.7 to Acceptable Level

High Creatinine Level is the result of damaged kidney nephrons. However, most of patients with CKD do not reduce high creatinine levels from the root. Therefore, they are willing to take recommended measures for reducing creatinine 283.7 to ...Read More

Does Creatinine Level 3.6 Need to Undergo Dialysis

My brother is in hospital awaiting Dialysis since his Creatinine level reaches 3.6mg/dl, his legs are swollen and stomach. Doctor suspect that he has Kidney Failure. Does creatinine level 3.6 need to undergo dialysis?” Please follow us to ...Read More

Guide Appropriate Ways to Reduce Creatinine 4.5 and Avoid Dialysis

My mother’s Creatinine is 4.5 in blood examination report. I measured her blood pressure that are 161 & 91. My grandma also had the same problem who went through Dialysis process and died of Kidney Failure. I want my mother to recover soon...Read More

How Can We Reduce Creatinine 9, Waiting for Dialysis

My father has Creatnine 9. We are doing massage therapy and taking some western medicines but it seems that they are not working. How we can reduce this level?doctor suggested that we need to wait for a couple of days before deciding if dia...Read More

How to Lower the Creatinine 900 without Dialysis, Any Advice

My husband has a high Creatinine level about 900, how to lower the creatinine without Dialysis? Any advice please.Actually we just out from the hospital and the doctor advised to do dialysis but my husband refuse to the procedure. ...Read More

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