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Creatinine Levels and BUN

Knowledge on creatinine, including the normal range/levels of creatinine, causes and symptoms of high creatinine levels, reasons and causes of low creatinine, and treatment and diet to lower high creatinine.

Creatinine Clearance Calculator

The Common Symptoms of High Creatinine Level in Kidney Failure

Everyone hopes has a long and high quality life, if a person is sick, he will try his best to cure his disease, but not all the illness can be cured. The same as kidney illness, some disease can be cured, but some cannt. In kidney failure s...Read More

Is Creatinine 6 and Urea 100 the Stage to Go for Dialysis

Clinically, creatinine 6 and urea 100 is the stage 4 kidney disease in which patients need to do dialysis to relive some poisoning symptoms. While, whether you need to do dialysis or not, it mainly depends on your specific illness condition...Read More

Is There Possible Way to Reduce Creatinine Level Fundamentally

High creatinine level is commonly experienced for patients with kidney disease. Patients with high creatinine level often displayed symptoms of fatigue, headache, anemia and muscle cramping. Now, this article will explain it in details. You...Read More

What is the Average Creatinine Level in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

For most of patients with kidney disease, high creatinine level occurs frequently. While, several patients do not know that what is the average creatinine level in stage 3 kidney disease. Do you have the same doubt? Do you want to know more...Read More

The Right Treatment for Kidney Failure with High Creatinine level

High creatinine level is commonly experienced in people with kidney failure. People with high creatinine level often displayed symptoms of headache, anemia, muscle cramping and fatigue. Thereby, patients are eager to seek for the right trea...Read More

Is Stem Cells Helpful to Reduce Creatinine 8 with Very Little Urine

Almost all of patients with kidney failure will experience high creatinine level. When you progresses into advanced stage, you are bound to produce very less urine because your kidney is shrunk. While, is stem cells helpful to reduce creati...Read More

Creatinine 13 with Kidney Failure, What Should I Do

Usually, high creatinine level is commonly experienced in people with kidney failure. The higher creatinine it is, the more serious kidney disease it is, therefore, you need to receive treatment as soon as possible to prevent further damage...Read More

How Severe is Creatinine 6 with Kidney Failure

Do you suffer from creatinine 6, now? Most of patients are suffering from creatinine 6, but a few people do not know how severe it is. If you are a patient with creatinine 6, do not worry about it, you are not alone with this, please add Wh...Read More

Can Creatinine 5.6 be Treated Naturally without Dialysis

High Creatinine level is commonly experienced in patients with kidney disease. Patients with creatinine 5.6, it means that they already at stage 4 kidney disease that is the second advanced stage of kidney disease. Due to various side effec...Read More

The Treatments for Reducing High Creatinine Level without Dialysis

Almost all of patients with kidney disease are bound to experience high creatinine level. Although dialysis can beneficial patents a lot for reducing high creatinine level, in the meanwhile, it makes you experience a lot of adverse effects....Read More

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