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Chronic Kidney Failure Early Detection and Prevention

Introduce how to prevent chronic kidney failure, including lab tests for early detection & diagnosis, proper management and treatment, etc.

What Are The Renal Examination Methods

Kidney Disease is a cause of health, so what kind of examination should I do to the kidneys at ordinary times? What are the methods of kidney examination? Now f...Read More

What Are The Four Stages Of Renal Dysfunction

Renal dysfunction is divided into four phases according to the value of serum Creatinine. ...Read More

What Can I Do In Daily Life to Prevent CKD Worsening Into Kidney Failure

Now, more and more people are diagnosed with CKD. According to Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), CKD is divided into five stages. In general, when CKD develops ...Read More

Can Drinking Hard Liquor Cause Chronic Kidney Failure

It is so enjoyable to drink hard liquor, because it can relax yourself. Thus, in our daily life, it is very common that people drink hard liquor every day. But ...Read More

Can Constipation Cause Kidney Problems

Around us, there are many people complaining about constipation. With the increase of kidney disease patients, some people that suffer from constipation are wor...Read More

Six Early Symptoms of Chronic Nephritis in Children

Chronic nephritis in children usually refers to glomerulonephritis, and mostly strikes the children aged six to nine years old. It seriously affects the childre...Read More

Be Aware of Chronic Kidney Failure

Are your family or friends troubled by kidney disease? Are you worried about that you may be attacked by Chronic Kidney Failure? Do not worry, as long as you ar...Read More

Can Alcohol Cause Kidney Failure

Although drinking right amount of alcohol has a variety of advantages such as reduce stress especially to men, let off steam, break the ice and it is necessary ...Read More

The Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Women

At present, more and more women are suffering from kidney failure due to a variety of reasons. However, because the early symptoms of it are not obvious enough ...Read More

Reasons Why Patients with Kidney Failure Get Thinner

Many patients with kidney failure find that they have become increasingly thinner after they are diagnosed kidney failure in their daily life. In fact, patients...Read More

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