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Early Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Human

2013-10-05 14:26

Early Symptoms of Kidney Failure in HumanAs is known to all, most of people have two kidneys, if one of the kidneys has exception while the other is normal, it is difficult to find the change of themselves at an early stage of kidney failure. Experts show that if kidney failure failed to control and treat in time, it will soon develop into uremia, by that time, kidney will lose function completely. Moreover, it will become the burden of body, which affects people’s common life seriously. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to know the early symptoms of kidney failure. Specifically, the following symptoms may appear:

1 Anemia

Due to kidney function damage, the body doesn’t produce enough hormones which can make red blood cells, thus anemia occurs. People with anemia often feel cool and tired.

2 High blood pressure

Because kidney has the function of discharging water and sodium, when kidney is damaged, water and sodium will store in the body, at this moment, kidney will secrete some materials which can elevate blood pressure. Therefore, patients with kidney failure have different degree of high blood pressure in the early stage.

3 Edema

This is a symptom easily to be fund in the early stage. Because kidney lose the ability to discharge the excess water in the body, which leads to liquid retention in the clearance of tissues. At the early stage, edema only appears in the ankle and eyelid, but it will disappear soon after the rest. However, when edema develops to the whole body and doesn’t disappear for a long time, which indicates that your kidney failure is very serious.

4 Tiredness

This is the earliest symptom of the kidney failure, but it is ignored easily. The reason is that there are many causes leading to tiredness, especially human in the business, most of people blame it on work.

In conclusion, because some obvious symptoms usually don’t appear in the early stage, kidney experts advise that when patients find suspicious symptoms, they must see the doctor immediately. Early detection, early prevention, early treatment are extremely crucial in treating kidney failure.

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