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What Causes the Numbness in the Chest of Kidney Failure

2013-10-11 10:37

What Causes the Numbness in the Chest of Kidney FailureAs we all know that the symptoms of kidney failure is not just the high blood pressure, bubbles in urine or swelling, patients with kidney failure may also experience other symptoms like numbness in the chest, feet, fingers, etc. From the introduction, you must know that numbness in the chest is a symptom of kidney failure. However, what causes the numbness in the chest of kidney failure on earth, the following may give you answers.

In the stage of kidney failure, numbness is the partial or complete loss of sensation. People with numbness may be unable to feel light, touch, temperature or even to know where parts of their body are. If numbness has been present for a long time, particularly in the feet, patients may lose the ability to walk, drive and other sports which are related to feet. So many patients with kidney failure want to know that what causes the numbness in body on earth. In fact, many conditions can cause numbness in various ways. For example:

1. put pressure on part of the pathway

2. reduce or block the blood supply to nerves in the body

3. infect a nerve

4. damage part of the pathway for sensation, as many result from injuries or from hereditary disorders that affect nerves

5. cause nerves in part of the pathway to become inflamed and lose their outer layer

From the above introduction, you may basically see the reasons caused numbness of patients with kidney failure. In people with numbness, the following symptoms are cause for concern:

1. numbness begins suddenly, within minutes or hours

2. numbness or weakness spreads up or down the body rapidly, involving more and more parts of the body

3. loss of sensation in the face and other parts in the body

In conclusion, numbness can be caused easily of patients with kidney failure, so they should treat damaged kidney as soon as possible. If you want to know some natural therapies, please leave your message below, the kidney experts will help you carefully.

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