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Reasons Why Patients with Kidney Failure Get Thinner

2013-10-12 13:34

Many patients with kidney failure find that they have become increasingly thinner after they are diagnosed kidney failure in their daily life. In fact, patients with kidney failure have taken enough nutrition needed by body every day, however, the weight is losing day by day rapidly. So they want to know the reasons why patients with kidney failure get thinner on earth. The answer is searched by not only patients themselves but also including their families. Now, follow us, you may find the answer.

1. First, we want to ask you a question, have you ever received a hormone therapy or if you are receiving now. As is well known, hormone therapy not only has great side effects but also can lead to various complications, all of these factors may become one of the reasons of kidney failure patients getting thinner.

2. Negative nitrogen balance

Negative nitrogen balance also can make kidney failure patients get thinner, even cause cachexia and hypoproteinemia. On this occasion, expert suggests the protein intake of kidney failure patients should lower than the normal level, even under 20g every day. Moreover, a high quality protein diet is greatly recommended to them, which can keep the negative nitrogen balance effectively.

3. Finally, the reason why patients with kidney failure get thinner is maybe the toxic effects from creatinine or urea. In this situation, patients must check the creatinine level frequently and above all, they should treat kidney failure as early as possible. Actually, the damaged kidney is the most fundamental reason of kidney failure patients get thinner.

So, if you want to know some natural therapies to treat your damaged kidney or other reasons caused thin to kidney failure patients, get free to put your information in the box, you will be replied immediately.

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