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How Can You Know If Your Kidneys Are Failing

2013-06-10 11:59

In some cases, kidneys fail without the awareness of us and when we realize we have kidney problem, it has developed to end stage kidney failure. We all know timely diagnosis and treatment means a lot for kidney failure patients, but how can we know if our kidneys are failing?

1. Are you a patient of Diabetes or Hypertension?

Diabetes and Hypertension are the leading two causes of kidney failure. If you are unfortunately a patient of hypertension or diabetes, you are at a higher risk to suffer from kidney failure and then you need to do complete physical checkup regularly. This will help you know well about your kidney. Also, to get far away from kidney failure, bringing your blood sugar and blood pressure into normal range is very necessary.

2. Do you have any family history of kidney disease?

According to clinical investigation, people who have relatives with kidney disease are more likely to suffer from kidney problem. Therefore, you should pay special attention on your kidney if there is someone in you family has kidney disease.

3. Do you have any kidney failure symptoms?

* Notice your urine when you go to toilet. If your kidneys are failing, you may found there are lots of bubbles or blood in your urine. Also, you may find you need to urinate more or less than others.

* Check your blood pressure regularly. Kidney failure always elevates blood pressure.

* Do you have nausea, vomit, poor taste in mouth or decreased appetite symptoms? These symptoms can be caused by high creatinine level which means there are lots of toxins in the blood.

* Some other symptoms like fatigue, muscle cramp, swelling, lower back pain, insomnia, bone pain and anemia also can be caused by kidney failure. Therefore, if you are suffer from some of these symptoms, I suggest you to go to hospital as soon as possible.

4. Having medical tests

Kidney failure symptoms are helpful for us to notice kidney failure. However, if we want to get the exact diagnosis, having medical tests is essential and necessary. Common tests for kidney problem include routine blood test, routine urine test, CT scan, B ultrasound and so on. Only with exact diagnosis, can we decide what we should do in the next step.

Chronic kidney failure is a long course with progressive loss of kidney function. Dialysis or kidney transplant will be needed when it runs to end stage. Therefore, having a timely diagnosis and about kidney disease and then preventing it from developing to end stage kidney failure is very necessary and beneficial.

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