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How to Prevent Kidney Failure With FSGS

2013-06-18 18:28

How to prevent kidney failure with FSGS? FSGS is an abnormal kidney condition in which some glomeruli are partially damaged. Kidney failure is the final consequence in most of the FSGS cases, so knowing how to prevent kidney failure with FSGS is urgently necessary for all the FSGS patients.

How does FSGS cause kidney failure?

FSGS is an important cause of kidney failure in adult and it causes kidney failure by affecting glomeruli. Glomerulus is surrounded by Bowman’s capsule and in charge of filtering blood. In cases of FSGS, only some of the glomeruli are involved and only part of each glomerulus is injured. For patients with FSGS, if these injured glomeruli can not be repaired timely and effectively, the whole glomeruli will be affected and also they will lose their working ability. Glomeruli are responsible for discharging wastes and reserve nutritions. Therefore, when glomeruli are failed to function well, wastes build up in blood and nutrition like protein leak into urine. Kidney failure describe an illness condition in which kidney function are impaired seriously. And for FSGS patients, kidney failure occurs when most of the glomeruli are injured and fail to work properly.

How to prevent kidney failure with FSGS?

Kidney Failure is the final result of all kinds of kidney disease, including FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulous Sclerosis), so stopping illness from progression is the key point to prevent kidney failure. For FSGS patients, to stop illness progression, the following measures are necessary:

Firstly, bring symptoms like high blood pressure and proteinuria under control.

Both high blood pressure and proteinuria can cause further kidney damages and worsen illness condition, so tightly control these symptoms to slow down illness progression is very necessary.

Secondly, adjust die to reduce kidney burden

Improper diet like high salt intake, high protein intake, high potassium intake and high phosphorus will bring extra burden on kidney and make kidneys damaged easily. Seeing from this angle, diet changes are very necessary for FSGS patients to prevent kidney failure.

Thirdly, protect residual kidney tissues and repair injured glomeruli

FSGS can not be cured as of now, but impaired kidney function can be improved clinically. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the treatment that can be used by FSGS patients to improve kidney condition. This treatment is based on but totally different from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Clinical experiments show that after this Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, not only FSGS symptoms can be remitted, but also serum creatinine can be lowered effectively. What is more, it causes no side effects. Therefore, it is highly recommended for FSGS patients. (You can see the related video regarding Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy here)

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