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Chronic Kidney Failure Early Detection and Prevention

Introduce how to prevent chronic kidney failure, including lab tests for early detection & diagnosis, proper management and treatment, etc.

What Causes the Numbness in the Chest of Kidney Failure

As we all know that the symptoms of kidney failure is not just the high blood pressure, bubbles in urine or swelling, patients with kidney failure may also expe...Read More

The Reasons caused Swollen Feet, Hands and Arms of Kidney Failure

Generally speaking, swelling is one of the obvious clinical symptoms when people get kidney failure. The most common places for swelling are the hands, feet, ar...Read More

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Fluid on Lungs in Kidney Failure

At present, few patients know the treatment of fluid on lungs in kidney failure and when patients with kidney failure are found fluid on lungs, they just dont k...Read More

Early Symptoms of Kidney Failure in Human

As is known to all, most of people have two kidneys, if one of the kidneys has exception while the other is normal, it is difficult to find the change of themse...Read More

How to Prevent Kidney Failure With FSGS

How to prevent kidney failure with FSGS? FSGS is an abnormal kidney condition in which some glomeruli are partially damaged. Kidney failure is the final consequ...Read More

How Can You Know If Your Kidneys Are Failing

In some cases, kidneys fail without the awareness of us and when we realize we have kidney problem, it has developed to end stage kidney failure. We all know ti...Read More

Creatinine Levels And Kidney Disease Stages

In clinic, many indicators can be used to measure kidney function like creatinine level, GFR(Glomerular Filtration Rate) and stages. For some kidney disease pat...Read More

How Does Chronic Kidney Failure Cause Abnormal Test Values

If you are a Chronic Kidney Failure patient, you will find your test values are abnormal. The most common test value include high serum creatinine, high blood u...Read More

Routine Urine Test If Kidney Is Failed

Routine urine test is a necessary preliminary examination in clinic for detecting early kidney disease or urinary tract diseases. In the early stage of many kid...Read More

Concentration of Urine In Chronic Renal Failure

A urine concentration test helps to reflect the ability of distal renal tubules to conserve or excrete water. For people with Chronic Renal Failure, because of ...Read More

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