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Treating Diabetes in Renal Failure

2013-01-09 15:48

Diabetes will cause small vascular lesions in the whole body. Since our kidneys will filter about 500-700ml blood plasm per minute, they will be easily damaged by high blood sugar level.

With more and more people are diagnosed diabetes, diabetic renal failure is on the rise . Diabetes has become one of the major causes of renal failure and renal failure in turn is one of the main cause of death of diabetes without proper and timely treatments.

Here we will learn how to effectively treat diabetes and kidney failure so as to improve patients’ life quality, life expectancy and prognosis.

Both western and eastern medicines believe that controlling high blood sugar and high blood pressure is the major way to slow down the progression of diabetic renal failure. ACEI (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor) is effective in slowing worsening of renal functions.

High blood glucose

Rectifying sugar metabolic disorder can improve high perfusion, high filtration and internal high pressure in the kidneys and reduce damages to renal intrinsic cells and tissues. Controlling high blood sugar include diet therapy, hypoglycemic drugs and insulin. Well treating diabetes is good for treating diabetic renal failure.

High blood pressure

Hypertension plays vital role in the progression of diabetic renal failure. Early and effective control of high blood pressure can help reduce proteinuria and slow down the decline rate of kidney functions. The ideal blood pressure for diabetic renal failure is 120/75mmHg. Besides ACEI, ARB and other anti-hypertensive drugs, regular daily exercises and good mood also count a lot for stabilizing blood pressure.

Protein intake

High-protein diets can further increase glomerular blood flow and worsen high perfusion, high filtration and high pressure states. This will worsen renal hemodynamic changes and add strains to the kidneys. Proper protein intake can slow down loss rate of renal functions. Since the amount of protein is limited, the quality of protein should be ensured and high biological proteins are preferred. When blood sugar level is well controlled, patients can have proper increase of carbohydrates so as to reduce protein metabolism and the production of nitrogen-related wastes and toxins.

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