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Does Tingling in Fingers Mean Kidney Damage for Diabetes Patients

2014-05-20 01:28

Does Tingling in Fingers Mean Kidney Damage for Diabetes PatientsWith the development of life quality, more and more people are suffering from diabetes, which can affect our normal life in a great degree. But some diabetes patients feel tingling in fingers that is quite common for patients with kidney disease. So, some patients doubt that tingling in finger means kidney damage for diabetes patients? Do not worry, next, we will explain you in detail. Any questions, you can send an email to

Long-term diabetes indeed may cause diabetic nephropathy, but just depending on the tingling in finger, which can not mean kidney damage. Because there are many reasons that can cause tingling in fingers, so you should do a thorough examination to find out the root cause. Next, we will introduce you some causes of tingling in fingers for diabetes patients.

One of the complications is neuropathy, which can cause pain, tingling and numbness in their upper and lower limbs. And about 61.8% type 2 diabetes patients will experience neuropathy.

If you want to make sure whether tingling in fingers means kidney damage for diabetes patients, you need to do a related check. For example, you should do a urinary routine examination to see whether there are microproteins in your urine that is the main symptoms of diabetic nephropathy. Besides, you also can do a fundus examination, because diabetic retinopathy and kidney damage are synchronous. If you are diagnosed with retinopathy, that is to say, your kidneys are damaged. Thus, you need to treat kidney damage to relieve tingling in finger.

In our hospital, we have unique natural treatments to treat kidney disease, including diabetic nephropathy, such as Blood purification, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, bath therapy. They can decrease the proteinuria and protect kidneys. If you come to our hospital, we can choose the best treatment for you.

In conclusion, tingling in fingers does not necessarily mean kidney damage for diabetes patients, if you are sure that you are suffering from diabetic nephropathy, you can turn to us for help. Best wishes!

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