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Diabetes and Kidney Failure: Why Does the Patient Suffer From Low Blood Pressure on Hemodialysis

2014-06-13 11:52

According to our clinical practice and accumulated experience, we find that many patients with Diabetes and kidney failure can suffer from low blood pressure on hemodialysis. While, low blood pressure is a very dangerous factor for the patients. And many people do not know the reason why does the patient suffer from low blood pressure on hemodialysis? Here, we hope you can find the answer. Any questions, chat with our online doctors.

Hemodialysis is the main replacement therapy for the patients with diabetes and kidney failure, because it can take place of the damaged kidneys to filter wastes, remove excess water and adjust the electrolyte balance. But it also can cause many side effects, and one of is low blood pressure. The causes of the patients that suffer from low blood pressure on hemodialysis are as following.

1. Though Hemodialysis can help the patients filter out the accumulated creatinine and BUN, it also can remove the sugar from body, which is one of the reasons why the patient suffer from low blood sugar on hemodialysis.

2. High blood sugar is the most common symptom for the patients with diabetes. If high blood sugar can not be controlled well, it also can become life-threatening. So almost all the patients will take insulin to reduce high blood sugar. But taking insulin too much also can lead to low blood sugar.

When the patients’ blood sugar is less than 2.8umol/L, they can experience some uncomfortable symptoms, such as sweat profusely and unconscious. What is worse, low blood pressure can aggravate illness condition.

If you happen to be a patient with diabetes and kidney failure, when you experience low blood pressure on dialysis, you can eat some bread or drink some glucose.

Besides, though diabetes and kidney failure are difficult to be treated, you also can live a better life and live longer by receiving reasonable and effective treatments. Except hemodialysis, there are many natural treatments for you, and can help you improve low blood pressure. If you are engaged in seeking for a more effective treatment, you can send an email to, and we are looking forward to your email.

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