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Diabetes and Kidney Disease: How to Avoid Infection

2014-06-16 19:43

For the patients with Diabetes and kidney disease, they are easier to be infected than normal people. Due to afraid of infection, some patients are even afraid to leave their houses and take part in outdoor activities. In fact, these methods can not avoid infection. So, for the patients with diabetes and kidney disease, how to avoid infection rightly?

1. Control blood sugar strictly

It is so important to control blood sugar, because high blood sugar can lower the patients’ immunity and reduce the harm to the patients.

2. Exercise regularly

Proper exercise not only can boost health, but also can build up the immunity, so it can help the patients avoid infection.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene

The patients with diabetes and kidney disease are more likely to be infected, especially mouth infection, skin infection, foot infection. And maintaining good personal hygiene can decrease the risk of infection.

4. Keep a healthy and reasonable diet

It is very important for the patients to eat a healthy diet that can supply the body’s need and help the patients slow down the progress of disease.

5. Last but not least, treat diabetes and kidney disease timely

Because all the infections are due to the disease, treat it can avoid theses infections effectively.

Now, the methods that avoid infection have been listed, we hope you can pay a high attention to them, and try to do them, because they can help you live a better life. If you are troubled by finding a proper treatment, you are welcome to send your inspection report to, because in our hospital, we have many natural and effective treatments for diabetes and kidney disease, such as Immunotherapy and Hot Compress Therapy. And we will choose the best treatments according to your illness condition.

Last, be positive and active, and go outside to get closed to nature, because they can make you happier and live better. Establishing confidence in overcoming the disease is good for you to get a better treatment effect. Want more free advice about avoiding infection for diabetes and kidney disease, you can chat with our online doctor or leave a message below.

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